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Ball & Young Ltd. is a distinguished underlay company that has been providing exceptional flooring solutions for years. With a commitment to quality and innovation, they have earned a stellar reputation in the industry. Based in Corby, Ball & Young specializes in manufacturing a wide range of underlays designed to enhance the comfort, durability, and performance of various types of flooring. Their products are known for their superior cushioning, sound proofing, and moisture resistance properties, ensuring a comfortable and long-lasting flooring experience. Whether it’s carpet, laminate, or vinyl, Ball & Young offers underlays that cater to different flooring needs.

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Award-Winning Excellence: Ball & Young’s Journey of Recognition

With a strong emphasis on research and development, Ball & Young has consistently pushed the boundaries of underlay technology, setting new industry standards. Throughout its history, the company has been recognized for its innovation and high-quality products.

In 1995, they unveiled their groundbreaking underlay product called Cloud 9, which won the prestigious Best New Product in the Market Place award at the NEC, Birmingham. This marked a significant milestone for the company. Cloud 9 continued to receive recognition, the earning title of “Best Underlay Manufacturer” at the Interiors Monthly Awards in 2015 and the CFJ Best Underlay Range award in 2016.

These accolades are a testament to their dedication to providing innovative and high-quality flooring solutions.

Unveiling Perfection

Ball & Young has a wide range of underlays to cater to various flooring needs. With a focus on innovation, Ball & Young offers only perfection for their customer. Take Roma for example. With a specific 0.8 tog rating, this rubber underlay is a great underlay to use with underfloor heating. This feature sets it apart from other underlays in the market.

Another notable product from their Cloud 9 collection is the Cloud 9 Cumulus 11mm. With an impressive 11mm thickness, the Cloud 9 Cumulus offers a plush, cushioned layer that enhances the comfort and performance of your flooring, perfect for luxury use where a very high degree of comfort is required.

The Cloud 9 Cumulus 11mm underlay provides a truly indulgent experience underfoot, with its dense, spongy texture. It adds a layer of luxury to any room, creating a soft and comfortable surface to walk on and suitable for any room in your house. 

Not only does the Cloud 9 Cumulus underlay offer superior comfort, but it also excels in sound proofing, minimizing the impact of footsteps and other noises, creating a quieter and more peaceful living environment.

The Cloud 9 Cumulus 11mm underlay provides effective thermal insulation properties, helping to retain heat within the room and reducing energy loss. This thermal insulation can contribute to increased energy efficiency and potential cost savings on heating bills.

Furthermore, the Cloud 9 Cumulus 11mm is manufactured using the innovative Ultrafresh, an advanced antimicrobial technology, providing an added layer of protection against bacteria, mould or mildew growth, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment.

This Cloud 9 Cumulus is not only suitable for domestic use but also contract work with high character and wood block floors.

Here at Teka Flooring, we have a wide range of Ball & Young’s underlays in stock. To view full collection, visit our showroom or contact us for more details and free consultation with our flooring experts. 

Benefits of Ball & Young Underlay

Additional comfort

Ball & Young premium underlay provides thick, spongy, yet dense cushioning underfoot, offering a luxurious feel and absorbing impact as you walk.

Extra Thermal insulation 

Their high tog rated underlays add thermal insulation, reducing warm air loss and acting as a barrier against cold air, potentially lowering heating bills.

Sound insulation

Adding a Ball & Young underlay reduces room noise by up to 30% and benefits rooms below, making it ideal for apartments and ensuring a peaceful environment.

Extended floor lifespan

High impact underlays protect high footfall areas like stairs and hallways, acting as shock absorption to retain carpet springiness for longer.

Improved appearance

Installing Ball & Young’s carpet underlay helps preserve the appearance of your carpets, keeping them in good condition for an extended period.

Sustainable production 

As part of the Vita Group, Ball & Young operates with a responsible and forward-thinking approach, focusing on waste reduction, recycling, and conservation of natural resources to achieve a net zero footprint.

Lifetime Warranty

Ball & Young stands behind the quality of their products, offering a lifetime guarantee for certain underlays (when installed in recommended areas), giving customers peace of mind that their underlay will perform reliably for years to come.