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What Colours Go With Grey Carpet? A Set of Options for You

colours that go with grey carpet

With respect to modern living places, the colour grey is almost never left out by the majority of homeowners. That is predominantly due to its neutral characteristics, which makes it go well with other colour tones. Carpets are one of the most common pieces of furniture which use the colour grey, and as mentioned before, there are a good number of colours that go beautifully with grey carpet.

Thoughts such as Are grey carpets still in fashion?should I change my carpet into greyish colour, I think my grey carpets are boring, or maybe even should I change my grey carpets to something else? may be bugging you, but worry less because here in this blog you will find out just how lucky you are if you already have grey carpets around your house since they actually have attributes you may have never realised before. Even if you are yet to have carpets that are greyish in tone, this blog really is for you.

However, before diving deeper into that and buying flooring online, it would be wise for you to learn about the characteristics of the colour grey and why it is advantageous for you. 

The Facets of Grey

Psychologically, grey is attached to the word neutral. From one standpoint, grey symbolises compromise as neither white nor black. A transition between two contrasting non-colours. Grey is a strong and sturdy colour that is both reliable and solid. It provides a sense of tranquillity and calmness in a hectic and crowded environment. 

Its effect by giving the house residents a sense of sophistication and calm really is one of the major strong points of having grey shades throughout your living place or other kinds of circumstances.

However, descriptions such as non-emotional, indecisive, boring, indifferent, lifeless, old, and alienated are probably your first impression of the colour grey, and when it comes to having it for your carpet colours, you would assume that why else should I preserve this element in my house? Are there truly any colours that go with grey carpet?

Well, why don’t we start by evolving our first view of the colour grey into words like dignified, neutral, professional, mature, intelligent, classic, calming, elegant, formal and dependable? Aside from those words actually giving out a more positive meaning compared to the ones above, you would also open up a new horizon of mindset when seeing the colour grey afterwards. 

Now, by having those optimistic words in mind while trying to fit your grey carpet around your house, your new opinion about grey would definitely help you reconsider the idea of not using grey carpet as your choice. You should now have plenty of designs on objects with different colours that go with grey carpets in your vicinity. Some magnificent models from TEKA Flooring would help out a lot by giving you inspiration.

Even so, you probably still have doubts about choosing grey for your carpet as it is the colour that most people use, and it seems old. Worry no further because below you will read about the assumption that grey colour is ‘antique.’

Are Grey Carpets Still in Fashion?

It is all about creativity and placement. If you install grey carpets all over rooms in your house, of course, it will give out a boring and old mood.

Placing grey carpets only on some parts of your house should give a small touch of maturity to your area, and with a little creativity by combining it with other furniture of different colours, you will have something far beyond your imagination. Read further below on some possible combinations.

Combinations of Colours That Go With Grey Carpet

The naturality of the colour grey makes it a great complementary colour to its other colour siblings. The concession of this shade allows different colours to have their portions in a specific space. Therefore, there are a bunch of colours that go with grey carpet.

These combinations of colours should give you recommendations for your liking.

1. Grey and Red

Grey and red are a passionate colour combo to create a dramatic appearance that invokes energy and a hint of drama. Although these two colours initially seem more of a mismatch than a combination, they make an immediate impression and provide a sweet energy.

A red wall stands out harmoniously with a grey carpet if you don’t want to redecorate your walls. This proves that the shades of red are a good choice for wall colours that go with grey carpet. You can also consider including a carpet with a white and grey design like this Cormar Carpet Primo Plus Gemstone by TEKA Flooring.

2. Grey and Green

Grey looks wonderful with earth tones, and what other colour is as earthy as green, right? The colour combination of these robust pairs looks stunning in a space with lots of natural light.

Bright green contrasts charmingly with the light grey carpet, which provides a soothing base. You might also place green sofas on top of your greyish carpet if you’re the kind of person who enjoys furniture with unique colour composition.

3. Grey and Blue

Any area is made more elegant by the use of shades of blue, which also looks striking when combined with different tones of grey. Blending any shades of blue and grey feels like a natural choice as they coexist both in the sky and along our coastlines, making it charming and captivating.

When combining grey and bright shades of blue can make rooms appear more modern, coolish, and clean-cut; giving the colour grey a mix with darker shades of blue, such as navy, can give rooms as if they have more depth without losing their contemporary feel. Any grey hue from TEKA Flooring Carpets shall go along the way with your blue furniture.

4. Grey and Grey

Yes, you read that correctly. Sometimes, you don’t have to go so far to achieve your goal. The answer to something you seek may have been lying under your nose. That is why playing with the colour itself should also be a safe option for you.

If you’re torn between some grey tones and can’t determine which one you prefer more, experimenting with shades like this can be a decent solution. Combining one grey shade and another type of grey is a smart choice if you like monochromatic palettes but want just enough to give a spark to your space. This stripe-patterned carpet with the combination of several grey tints should fit your liking.

Even though grey is frequently used with primarily neutral palettes or with a few accents of vivid colours, it’s still a sound decision to use this shade. This proves that there are all kinds of colours that go with grey carpets, which you may have never thought of before.

Now that you understand all about grey colour, you probably question which material I should choose for my carpets later on. This blog entitled Carpet Pile Types (Full List + Full Buying Guide) will help you immensely. You might also consider browsing through the catalogue of TEKA Flooring in order to find the perfect fit according to your interests.


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