When looking for flooring, you may find some brands offering various collections, types and prices. One of them is Karndean Flooring. Here we will go through some information about the collections and how much is Karndean Flooring. Also, get your free consultation with a professional on the article below!

What is Karndean Flooring?

For a new homeowner, you may find it difficult to see the differences between brands and collections. So, what is Karndean Flooring? Karndean Flooring is one of the luxury vinyl flooring brands that has a wide range of designs, patterns, and high-quality flooring. It also has waterproof luxury vinyl flooring, easy to maintain and install and a lifetime guarantee for some products. To know more about the collection and how much Karndean Flooring costs, let’s take a look at the guide below!

Karndean Flooring Product and Collection Guides

Karndean Flooring has two types of flooring, Floor Tile and Wood Plank. The Floor Tile size ranges from 6” X 24” to 19.7” X 24” and for the Wood Plank the sizes range between 18” X 35” to 56” X 9”. 

You also can choose three types of installation Gluedow, Loose Lay, and Rigid Core. For more information about the collection, here is the types of Karndean Flooring you can choose:

  1. Korlok Select and Korlock Reserve, Luxury Vinyl Flooring with wood and stone prints across North America and Europe such as French Oak, Palazzo Marble, etc.
  2. Art Select has a more abstract and artsy look with natural woods and stone patterns.
  3. Da Vinci, if you are looking for a mix of traditional and modern vibe. Known for their realism and versatility.
  4. Van Gogh, with various wood patterns across the world.
  5. Opus, for an expensive sleek modern look for your flooring. It may offer a range of plank and tile sizes with diverse patterns and textures.
  6. Knight Tile, is suitable for any budget.

For all the specific details about our products, maintenance tips, and design choices, you can check our Karndean Flooring collection on this page : Karndean Flooring Collection.

Some Advantages of Karndean Flooring

Karndean flooring is highly sought after for both residential and commercial use due to its numerous benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the key advantages it offers:

  1. Waterproof
  2. Kid and Pet friendly
  3. Lifetime warranty
  4. Hygienic
  5. DurableLow maintenance
  6. Comfortable underfoot

It is essential to consider your specific needs, personal preferences, and the distinct characteristics of the space where you will install Karndean flooring. Additionally, make sure to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation, maintenance, and warranty information.

Our Karndean Flooring Recommendation

How Much is Karndean Flooring?

The price of Karndean flooring can differ significantly due to various factors. Such as the particular product line or collection, the method of installation, variations in regional pricing, and any extra materials or services needed for the installation process. For a quick guide on how much is Karndean Flooring, here are some of the summaries you can refer to!

CollectionsUnitMinimum CostHigh Cost
Karndean Korlokm2£53.99£53.99
Karndean Art Selectm2£62.49£86.99
Karndean Da Vincim2£51.49£51.49
Karndean Van Gogh Gluedownm2£44.99£57.99
Karndean Van Gogh Rigid Corem2£56.49£68.99
Karndean Looselaym2£55.99£55.99
Karndean Looselay Longboardm2£55.99£55.99
Karndean Opusm2£41.99£52.99
Karndean Knight Tile Gluedownm2£31.99£42.99
Karndean Knight Tile Rigid Corem2£42.99£42.99

Keep in mind that the prices of how much are Karndean Flooring guides above may vary on some websites and at times. So it’s important to obtain the latest and precise information directly from the retailers or contractors.

Moreover, don’t forget to ask about any warranties, maintenance needs, and care instructions related to the Karndean flooring product you’re interested in. Get the best price of Karndean Flooring with TEKA Flooring!

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