While installing the laminate flooring on your own, most likely you will find any curves in walls or rooms that require you to cut laminate flooring boards. Without proper tools and skills, cutting laminate flooring is not recommended. Here are the full instructions on how to cut laminate flooring and things to consider before cutting it on your own!

Laminate flooring is made of particleboard or high-density fiberboard (HDF) or particleboard with resin or aluminium oxide coat and has a print like wooden board, stone, etc. Due to its materials, you need specific tools and techniques to cut it. Look for more details on how to cut laminate flooring below. 

Tools to Cut Laminate Flooring

Embarking on your laminate flooring project? Assembling the right tools and materials is crucial for a smooth and efficient cutting process. While we’ve compiled a recommended list, we understand that every DIYer’s toolbox is unique. What if I do not have all of the tools and materials? That’s why we’ve also included suitable alternatives for each tool, allowing you to adapt the process to your available resources.

Recommended tools :

  • Pencil: Mark precise lines on your laminate boards with unwavering accuracy.
  • Squares: Ensure meticulous measurements with these specialised rulers, your secret weapon for a flawless fit.
  • Miter Saw: The undisputed champion for clean, precise cuts, guaranteeing a professional finish.
  • High-TPI Miter Saw Blade: Elevate your cuts to new heights of smoothness with a higher tooth count, leaving no room for imperfections.
  • 220-Grit Sanding Block: Smooth out any rough edges after cutting, ensuring a seamless transition.
  • Eye and Ear Protection: Prioritise safety while working, for a project experience that’s as enjoyable as it is successful.

Alternatives :

  • Jigsaw: Ideal for navigating curved cuts, but may require extra finesse for straight lines.
  • Table Saw: Not the go-to solution for crosscuts, but excels at ripping edges with precision.
  • Circular Saw: A viable option for seasoned users, but handle with caution due to potential chipping.
  • Handsaw: A basic alternative for the truly resourceful, but demands careful handling and may not deliver the most pristine results.

The best tool ultimately depends on your comfort level, project requirements, and available resources. Choose the option that best suits your needs and empowers you to achieve a successful laminate flooring installation.

Step-by-step on How to Cut Laminate Flooring

The instructions on how to cut laminate flooring below are using a mitre saw. If you already prepared all the recommended tools and protective equipment, you can cut your laminate flooring smoothly. 

1. Measure and Mark The Cutting Line

Measure the length and width of the room where the laminate flooring will be installed. It’s crucial to get accurate measurements to minimize waste. Use a pencil and a straight edge or ruler or square to measure and indicate the cutting line on the laminate plank. Then draw a perfectly straight line.

2. Place the Mitre Saw on the Laminate Plank

Ensure the laminate plank is positioned firmly against the fence on the base of the mitre saw. Hold the plank securely to avoid any movement while cutting. If you need to make angled cuts, adjust the mitre saw to the desired angle. While most laminate flooring cuts are made at 90 degrees, you may require different angles for corners or other design considerations.

3. Cut the Laminate Flooring

After positioning your laminate flooring with the right measurement, start to cut the laminate plank. If you use the mitre saw for the first time, be extra careful. Hold the laminate plank securely against the fence and gradually lower the blade onto the cutting line. If you are performing a crosscut (straight cut) and angle cut, smoothly guide the saw through the laminate plank until the cut is finished.

4. Sand the Cutting Side

After cutting, check the surfaces to make sure they are smooth and are cut with the right measurement. Then, sand the cut with a 220-grit sanding block. Take the sandpaper and wrap it around the sanding block. Hold the sanding block at a slight angle to the cut edge and sand in the direction of the grain. Then apply even pressure and move the sanding block back and forth, making sure to cover the entire cut edge.

5. Repeat for the Next Row

If you need to make several cuts, simply repeat the procedure, making the necessary adjustments to the mitre saw for each different angle. Now you know how to cut laminate flooring by yourself. If you need more information and alternative tools to cut laminate flooring, you can check the frequently asked questions info below!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still looking for alternative tools on how to cut laminate flooring because it’s hard to find the tools and materials. Here are questions most people have on how to cut laminate flooring by yourself. 

1.  How to cut laminate flooring without a saw?

The most important thing about how to cut laminate flooring is the tools whether or not your tools are steady and sharp enough to get a smooth cut for your flooring. Aside from the types of saw mentioned before, how to cut laminate flooring without a saw?

One of the alternatives that still can work well in laminate flooring is Dremel or Rotary Tools. Even if it’s not recommended, If you are forced to use it, you can choose a sharp and thick blade so that the cutting is neat and nice.

2. Can you cut laminate with a utility knife?

If still hard for you to find the saw or dremel above, you may ask if can you cut laminate with a utility knife. The answer is no, you can not. It is not safe and mostly can damage your laminate flooring.  

3. Can you cut laminate flooring with a tile cutter?

Using a tile cutter is not the most recommended method. Based on its use, the tile cutter is used for hard coatings such as ceramic tiles instead of softer materials such as laminate flooring. So, can you cut laminate flooring with a tile cutter? The answer is no, you can’t and you shouldn’t. 

4. How to cut laminate flooring by hand?

If you mean how to cut laminate flooring by hand with tools or a saw, it’s possible and you already find the answer above. But your question is how to cut laminate by hand without tools, it’s probably never possible and will damage the board. 

For a beginner, some of the steps on how to cut laminate flooring above may not be easy for you. Especially if you are not familiar with some tools. Cutting laminate flooring not only requires tools and material but also skills, time and energy.

If you are looking for more effective and professional results without worrying about following how-to-cut laminate flooring instructions, you can use our fitting services in TEKA Flooring.

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