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8 Waterproof and Luxury Vinyl Kitchen Flooring Ideas

waterproof and luxury vinyl kitchen flooring

Luxury Vinyl kitchen flooring is an excellent alternative for those seeking a sleek look, easy installation, and a budget-friendly option.  Luxury vinyl tile flooring is made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), and it provides a sturdy foundation with a printed pattern layer featuring various designs and colours. The additional benefits of luxury vinyl kitchen flooring include durability, low maintenance, and affordability.

8 Luxury Vinyl Kitchen Flooring Ideas

For those with limited space, opting for luxury vinyl kitchen flooring ideas in a small kitchen is a smart decision. With the latest technology, you can now select waterproof vinyl flooring suitable for kitchens and other areas exposed to water and moisture. Dive deeper into luxury and waterproof vinyl kitchen flooring ideas in today’s article!

1. Straight Line with Olive Wood Pattern

Source: Teka Flooring

Olive wood is one of the types that is mostly used in wood flooring. Its dark shiny colour and timeless pattern will give you an elegant, mysterious yet traditional vibe. Its dark colour also can be a good choice for vinyl kitchen flooring ideas. Especially if your kitchen will be a high-traffic area.

One of our recommendations for vinyl kitchen flooring ideas with an olive wood pattern is Luvanto Click Plus Distressed Olive Wood. It is 5mm thick comfortable in feet and a good alternative if you want to install your floor by yourself due to its click technology. 

2. Herringbone Pattern

Source: Teka Flooring

If you’re on the hunt for vibrant and warm colours along with a variety of patterns for your luxury vinyl kitchen flooring ideas, no worries! Consider the herringbone pattern from Karndean Knight Tile Honey Limed Oak SM. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this waterproof vinyl flooring for kitchens boasts easy maintenance, thanks to its protective layer guarding against spills, scuffs, and wear. 

Moreover, this luxury vinyl kitchen flooring idea comes with a lifetime residential guarantee, ensuring enhanced durability. Utilizing click technology, any damaged planks can be easily repaired.

3. Weave Basket Pattern

Source: Teka Flooring

Another luxury vinyl kitchen flooring idea that exudes traditional charm with a delightful colour is Spanish Cherry. Renowned for its versatile reddish-brown shade, it complements any colour combination seamlessly. A top recommendation is the Karndean Art Select Parquet Spanish Cherry This waterproof vinyl flooring for kitchens boasts greater thickness compared to other variants (3mm + 0.7 mm wear layer). What’s more, you’ll receive a lifetime residential guarantee!

4. Natural Stone Effect 

Source: Teka Flooring

The latest luxury vinyl kitchen flooring, perfect for those seeking a modern vibe, features the natural stone effect. Our top recommendation for this pattern is Luvanto Endure Pro Black Slate. Utilizing the latest Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) technology, it offers easy installation with a free-floating drop lock system and is non-adhered.

5. Irregular Pattern

Source: Teka Flooring

If you’re into mixing patterns, consider blending irregular geometric with another stylish option like natural stone, and Karndean Art Select Marble Ashford is the perfect answer! This luxury vinyl kitchen flooring serves as a fantastic alternative for your home. With its thickness and protective layer, it stands out as one of the best ideas for waterproof vinyl flooring in kitchens.

6. Minimalist Tile Effect

Source: Teka Flooring

With limited space, opting for minimalist and waterproof vinyl flooring ideas for small kitchens is a wise choice. The monochrome colour scheme creates an illusion of larger rooms in your compact kitchen. For high-quality waterproof vinyl flooring ideas tailored for small kitchens, consider Karndean Knight Tile Honed Charcoal Slate

This minimalist yet waterproof vinyl flooring also incorporates various oak wood designs and natural timber, providing your small kitchen with a more upscale appearance. Keep in mind that this variant requires glueing down during the installation process. 

7. Concrete Effect 

Source: Teka Flooring

Another waterproof vinyl flooring idea for a small kitchen is to use a concrete effect. One of the brands that we recommended is Karndean Knight Tile Rigid Core Dove Grey Concrete with a lifetime residential guarantee and a 2mm + 0.33 wear layer. 

Kanrdean Kningt Tile Rigid Core gives you a slim wood plank that mimics natural timber and clicks technology installation so you don’t need to glue them down. It’s practical, and the most important thing is you can do it yourself!

8. Versailles Effect 

Source: Teka Flooring

Another unique pattern is the Versailles effect. One of our recommendations is Karndean Art Select Parquet Spring Oak. With special technology, this waterproof vinyl flooring for kitchens is also scratch-proof and suitable if you have a busy kitchen. 

Want to explore more about pattern combinations? Get a free consultation and more of our services for waterproof vinyl flooring for kitchens with TEKA Flooring!


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