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Getting The Most Suitable Carpet Colour for The Living Room

carpet colour for the living room

A carpet is a piece of house furniture that is undoubtedly needed in every house, especially the living room. Therefore, having a good grasp on picking the right carpet colour for the living room, choosing a decent design to match the whole theme of the space, and understanding on how to finally settle on the best one for your needs is crucial.

It is no wonder why the place is called the living room as it can change its function and meaning from a place used mainly for entertaining house guests to a homely space for daily family living – as if the change symbolises that it lives. 

So that is why, choosing the right carpet for your home is a no laughing matter. You need to understand the colour mood, be well informed of the choices you have, and know how to choose carpet colour for your living room.

Choosing The Best Carpet Colour for The Living Room

When choosing furniture for your house, you must carefully select the best one. You surely want to make a good decision on that, as picking the unsuitable piece would spoil your panoramic room atmosphere.

It does not necessarily have to be the most popular piece of carpet, the newest model, or even the highest price in the market. The best one should be the one that fits your circumstances. Choosing which carpet to buy for your living room depends on the room’s size, the overall design, the mood you want to give, and, more importantly, your taste. 

Therefore, to answer the question like what is the best colour carpet for a living room is, of course, the well-tailored selection carpet according to your condition, and below you will learn the difference of colour moods which will help you to choose the best carpet for your overall living room setup later on.

The Mood of Colours You May Never Realised

Yes, colours also have moods in the same way that humans do. However, we are not talking about the mood of colours in general. Here, since this article helps you on how to choose carpet colour for the living room, you will learn about the colour mood in the interior design field, which will give you pointers on all about living room carpet colour ideas.

1. Blue

Blue is the chosen colour in the worldwide survey as the most popular colour. If selected as the carpet colour for the living room, the blue tones will deliver the ambience of serenity and calmness. 

A brighter type of blue, like Abingdon Ultra Bluebell or perhaps a darker tone, such as Abingdon Olympus Bluebellshould go well if you seek peacefulness as the main theme for your lovely living room.

2. Red

Warmth, passion, and romantic feelings are well transmitted to the residents of your living room if you choose the colour red for your carpet. This colour also vibrates an energetic excitement to whoever sees it.

When applied generously, this colour can add drama to your room and warm up the space when a simple touch is used, such as putting it as a carpet and knowing the trick on how to choose carpet colour for the living room. There is a wide array of options to pick, such as Burmatex Tivoli Takutea Red and Burmatex Tivoli Rio Red

3. Brown

The colour brown gives your living room the feel of relaxation and mellowness. Its comforting vibe makes it the people’s favourite choice of carpet colour for their living room or maybe even kitchen.

Colour choices like Abingdon Deep Feeling Rich Caramel and Cormar Carpet Apollo Plus Bumblebee may draw your attention if you feel that brown is going to suit your living room.

4. Grey

This neutral colour allows other furniture in your living room areas to shine more. Its capability to not overtake the overall ambient of the room makes it the balanced choice for your living room.

The range of shades this colour presents brings off a monochromatic and unbiased spirit when used as carpet colour for the living room. These products by TEKA Flooring such as Abingdon Deep Feeling Shimmer and/or Cormar Carpet Apollo Plus City Smoke would be the right volition for your subdued living room. 

Lucky for you, beside giving you choices of carpet colour for the living room, TEKA Flooring has everything you need. We are specialised in all kinds of flooring including Vinyl Tiles, Laminate, Engineered Wood, and Cushion Vinyl. We also provide Artificial Grass for your outdoor needs.

TEKA Flooring also got you covered on the installment as we understand well that installing carpet as flooring requires professionals’ handy work. So, there’s no need to worry about that matter.

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