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How to Lay Artificial Grass on Concrete: Easy Installing Tips

how to lay artificial grass on concrete

Some people may think twice about choosing artificial grass to replace their concrete flooring as they assume that artificial grass is expensive and/or have little idea of how to lay artificial grass on concrete.

This is because, in general, most people have concrete flooring for their backyard and having that kind of flooring may be as boring as it is used by many already. That is where artificial grass comes in, helping revitalize people’s flooring by replacing mundane flooring with easy-to-install artificial grass.

You would also be surprised that artificial grass is long-term beneficial for the user and how easy it is to install on concrete flooring and worry less because, in this article, you will learn a lot as well as quickly on how efficient it is to use artificial grass for your needs and how easy it is to install it, especially on the concrete floor.

The Benefits of Having Artificial Grass

1. Less Maintenance

Compared to natural grass, artificial grass is a lot cheaper as it requires less to no maintenance. It does not need trimming, watering, or pesticides to keep pests away. This reason should make most people consider laying artificial grass on concrete.

2. Built For a Good Drainage System

If you care so much for your environment, artificial grass should definitely be your outdoor flooring choice. Today’s synthetic lawn is designed to have small holes to drain water on its surface easily. Rain, water puddles, or other sources of water should come through artificial grass breezily.

3. Keeps You Green

One of the most favoured benefits of having artificial grass is its ability to maintain its green colour despite the extreme weather, low maintenance, and long periods of time.

Its long-lasting prowess to endure all kinds of outdoor hardships, as well as its capability to sustain the fresh green colour, becomes the main selling point of artificial grass to replace your concrete flooring.

Also, the choice of colour comes in different shades such as Summer Days BloomSummer Days Evening ShadeSummer Days Sherwood, and still many others that suit your preference.

It is clearly a no-brainer choice to make when it comes to covering your already-built concrete floor with artificial grass. However, you may have been wondering how to lay artificial grass on concrete.

Questions such as ” Can you lay artificial grass on concrete?” and “Do you need an underlay for artificial grass on concrete?” may have lingered on your mind for quite some time since the beginning of this article. Worry no further! We will be answering those questions below through the simple tutorial on how to install synthetic grass.

The Step-by-Step of How to Lay Artificial Grass on Concrete Floor

After having concrete flooring for the base, it is incredibly easy to install artificial grass. It would also be best for your site to have a good drainage system as it should keep you away from any unwanted bad drainage system-related disasters later on.

1. Plan Your Site

Before getting your first artificial grass, you should know well where to install the synthetic grass. Is it going to cover your whole lawn, or is it only going to cover the concrete floor partially?

All should be planned fully before installing everything so that you would not have excess artificial grass, or even worse; you will have weirdly uncovered areas in your yard.

2. Placing Your Artificial Grass

After you get your hands on your artificial grass, it should come in a rolled sushi-like form. Just unroll or unfold the grass according to your needs.

You will also need a cutter or utility knife to cut away the artificial grass to the shape that matches your area. A plywood or other flat, straight, ruler-like object can help you cut your artificial grass presentably.

3. Glue Down the Joints

Along the way, you may experience the merging of two rolled-out artificial grass. After cutting the artificial grass, an adhesive is needed to join the grass seamlessly. Keep in mind that adhesive is only needed in between the joints, not the whole backside of the artificial grass.

Please also read the instructions on the adhesive product because depending on the glue you have, some adhesives need to be exposed to open air for several minutes before sticking the two surfaces together. 

For a better result, you should also put some weight on top of the glued artificial grass for some time to make them attached perfectly, such as a sack of flour, a table, or a grill.

How was it? It is quite simple, right? However, if you still deem installing the artificial grass on the concrete floor as too puzzling for you, do not fret about it. You can still beautify your home using artificial grass with the help of professionals from our fitting service, who will fit the grass for you in no time.

If you want to change your mind about not using artificial grass instead of other kinds of flooring, several options such as Engineered Wood or Laminate flooring from TEKA Flooring are your great second option.

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